Caribbean Impact Partners

Seizing Opportunities to Improve Lives in the Caribbean Basin


The Caribbean Basin is an area of beauty and abundance.

However, despite the warm weather and sunny skies and an educated population dedicated to advancement, the region suffers from import-heavy economic models that hamstring the opportunities for commercial growth.

Whether it is elevated and volatile fuel oil and energy prices (due to ever-shifting global supply and demand and logistical costs) or less accessible and higher priced food (exacerbated by supply chain disruptions from the pandemic, increased Chinese market demands, Brazilian dockworker strikes, etc.), the results are the same: hard currency leaving the Caribbean to pay for imports that could in large part be produced within the region.

Real returns. Untapped Potential.

Food Security in the Caribbean Basin

Notably, addressing these issues does not require charity but rather the development of solutions to satisfy the growing demand of populations that currently pay a premium for lower quality and more environmentally damaging products. Attractive financial as well as social and environmental impact returns are readily available to investors that help disrupt these outdated and harmful import models.

What We

Caribbean Impact Partners is dedicated to improving lives throughout the region by bringing technology and innovation as well as supportive financial partners to local projects and businesses with the goal of reducing price volatility and increasing product availability for key import-dependent areas of the economy: energy and food.

The long-term vision is to help weave resiliency into the fabric of the Caribbean such that events outside of their control cannot undermine the accessibility and cost predictability of these core staples.

We work with the following groups and individuals that are aligned with the mission of improving lives in the Caribbean Basin:


Company leaders and project developers


Financial and impact-motivated investors


Caribbean governments and utilities


DFI’s, NGO’s, foundations, and independent donors